Behind the scenes
Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes it is a series of stories, about people who choose MIIKO. Who are they? What they love the most? What are their dreams and aspirations? And why they choose MIIKO?

Inspired by people who are wearing pieces from our collection, we decided to dig deeper and meet Simona to get to know her and to share her experience with MIIKO. She recently received MIIKO package with Navy Blue Calmness Lemuse dress which can be found in

‘’My name is Simona, I’m 27 and originally I come from Lithuania. When I was younger, I never really paid any attention to food that I ate or exercise. If being really honest, I used to skip gym classes at school most of the time.

Only in my young adult years I started noticing that my body actually reflects what I put inside of it and that all the crisps, chocolates and baked goods were not doing any favours to it. That’s when I’ve decided to change my diet and start exercising. I’ve started reading and researching , experimenting with various diets and types of exercise and finally got myself to the gym where my obsession with all of this has started. And to keep track of my progress , I thought it would be a good idea to start Instagram’ing my whole journey.

As years went by, I got more and more addicted to the healthy lifestyle, discovered various types of exercise and was intrigued to try everything to finally find something that I would want to do every day as lifting weights were just not enough. At that point, I started noticing all the beautiful yoga accounts on Instagram. I was so impressed by the beauty of what a human body can achieve and got so inspired that I gave yoga a try. And then it was it. I understood that yoga is something I’ve been looking for all those years. It was 100% ME.

I started uploading pictures of myself practising yoga on Instagram to inspire my followers to TRY yoga the same way I was inspired and was really happy to see that the reaction was very positive. I started receiving personal messages with questions how to start yoga, how to motivate yourself and etc together with kind messages of how people were inspired by me and I understood that I am doing something right.Today I have great plans for my future. One of them is to train to become a personal trainer and hopefully one day – a yoga teacher.

I have found MIIKO very recently. Local designers, these were the words that have really caught my eyes. After browsing MIIKO website I fell in love with their story and philosophy.  MIIKO is not just a simple online shop. It's the place where local designers and their great ideas can meet those who really care not only about what they wear but also where their clothing are coming from: how they were made and by whom. It feels more personal and it’s like made just for me.’’


Big thank you to Simona for sharing her story with us. We are very happy that she joined our MIIKO family! Everyone who would like to know more about Simona, make sure that you find her on Instagram as @simonavs.
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