LeMuse reveals your real beauty that comes

within the person. All of us have flaws: the body

may not be perfect, the face could look more

beautiful, the skin could be smoother. But at the

end we have the inside world. Which is beautiful,

powerful and unique. That means a lot.

LeMuse clothes cover your body and give you

unique shape every time you move. The shape

changes and creates diferent silhouettes,

creating a desire to see your charisma.

LeMuse gives you freedom. You don’t have to

think how you look like or whether your body is

perfect. It gives you freedom to care about your

feelings, emotions and other people instead of

thinking about yourself.


Lithuanian-based fashion label ROBI AGNES,

led by two friends Roberta and Agne, ever since

2013 has established itself as a go-to-brand

once it comes to luxurious knitwear and

hand-made leather bags. Today all the

attention by designers is paid towards the

development of knitwear.

The bipolarism of designers' personalities is

enabled in their creation. Pragmatic, universal

and simultaneously accompanied by subtle

forms and uniqueness emphasized in details,

each garment by ROBI AGNES provides the

sense of confidence and elegant finesse.

Made from the highest quality natural fibre

threads and fabrics, products by ROBI AGNES

are designed for a woman, who values quality

and practicality, also owns an individual style

with strong vision of her appearance.



Laura Daili is a Lithuanian fashion design brand.

It was launched in 2003 and became famous for

the clothing line, leather bags and exceptional

jewellery. Each season professional designer

Laura Daili kicks up a new collection with its

signature label style. Exclusiveness lies in their

pure, minimalistic, Baltic like concepts.

Laura Daili collections have been displayed in

diferent exhibitions and fashion shows around

the world like Tokyo, Hong-Kong, Amsterdam,

New York, Philadelphia, Berlin, Lvov, Riga, Vienna

and Vilnius.




Apoteca – was born from love for fashion, from

desire to move forward.

From passion and devotion.From sense of style,

from uncountable number of existing colors.

From hate of wrong, from care of others.

From responsibility to yourself and everyone.

From loyalty for own beliefs, from devotion for

own ideals.

From endless desire to progress, to grow, to move

only ahead together with the time,

and only very rarely to look back.

From change of art, which is related with expression

of the world.

From talent of every person and even deeply hidden

and shown to nobody.

From desire to feel the popularity, to conquer the

hearts of all people.

From greatness of the universe, which gives the

wings to fly…

Apoteca – wish to grow with change of every season,

to improve with each

sweep of scissors or needle stick. Seeks to confirm

with the surroundings,

but at the same time stand out from the crowd.

Makes everything to beautify the person,

not to discomfort his movements, to provide charm

with unexpected details…

Adele Dagyte Jewellery


Individually designed jewellery pieces,

which stands out for its uniqueness and luxury.

It is expressive and innovative jewellery for you.


Ruty tie


Ruty a brand new fashion icon.

It's an elegant and original style accessory
combining traditional elements of a tie and
a bow tie in different textures & fabrics, with
regulating strip for tightening.

Perfect to wear either fora  man or woman not
higher than a collar line.

Try Ruty with collar unbuttoned to create relaxed formal style.


Ducktail Raincoats is an extraordinary rainwear

brand defined by its quality, functionality

and modern style. Their mission is to protect

people from the rain in style.

Ducktail Raincoats will make you stand out

with exceptional details and

unique color combinations.


Large zipped hoodie;

Zipped tail;

Two sided front zipper;

Waterproof shell;

Natural viscose lining;

Raincoat easily folds into a handbag.

Exclusive handmade concrete home accessories

with American Black Walnut wood and pure copper elements.

Each element of “Minshape” product is protected

with the highest quality agents to conserve its beauty.

Concrete elements are sealed and protected from

dirt and water with sealers certified as suitable for use

on food contact surfaces. Copper surfaces are fully protected

from tarnishing and oxidation with special crystal clear

agent. Walnut wood is coated with matt varnish to

protect it and keep the natural look of the wood.


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